Carling Technologies Dual Port USB V-Charger is designed to charge tablets, e-readers, mobile and gaming devices, digital cameras, as well as other compatible electronic devices.

Providing a total current of 3.15 amps, the V-Charger delivers fast charging times even in extreme temperatures from -40 ̊C to +80 ̊C. This innovative product safeguards its electronics with integrated over-current and thermal overload protection, as well as optional load dump circuitry, assuring prolonged safe and reliable operation. The center LED indicates charging is in progress. Snap-in mounting for an industry standard 1.450” x .830” panel cutout makes installation easy.

Additionally, the V-Charger’s double torsion spring-loaded access doors automatically close and provide effortless IP64 sealing protection with precision-fit silicone rubber seals.


The LD-Series Dimmer Control represents a dynamic breakthrough in dashboard technology. This series offers fully programmable circuitry that can control minimum and maximum illumination levels, the number of steps from total dim to full bright, and adjust illumination levels.

The momentary ratchet design allows for programming of illumination intensity variation speed. It provides intuitive operator recognition and avoids inadvertent actuation. The LD-Series robust envelope protects critical internal components and minimizes electrical connections and the need for extra wires.

Adjustable safety features include a "watch-dog timer" that prevents device lock-up, and a memory device that recalls dimmer position after power interruptions.

The LD-Series dimmer controls feature snap-in mounting and offer choices in ratings, dimming rates, colors, actuator styles & illumination colors, and laser-etched legends. This series has an operating temperature of -40C to +85C. It exceeds SAE J1113 and SAE 1445 EMI standards and mechanical endurance of 100,000 actuations.


The Carling Technologies Electronic Wiper Washer Control combines two switches into one self-contained unit allowing effortless control of both wash and wipe functions from a single location.
A variety of features and options including continuous low and high speed wiper positions, six intermittent delay intervals ranging from 3-18 seconds, Push-to-Wash button, and an LED night-light indicator combine to provide the flexibility to meet most any Cab design.

The LW-Series is available for 14 or 28 volt operation and can be adapted to single or dual relay systems. Temperature ratings range from -25°C to 85°C.


As an extension of the L-Series family of control products, the LMR-Series provides the means to control one or two mirrors and up to four separate motors from one easy to operate joy stick control. When used in conjunction with the Dimmer Control and Wiper/Washer Control, Carling Technologies provides a solution to most any dashboard control need within the Transportation market.