This 18mm ceramic GPS/Glonass patch antenna, by means of a double resonance design, has unique wide-band operation over the whole operating bands of GPS and Glonass systems from 1575MHz to 1610MHz. It is mounted via pin and double-sided adhesive.

This antenna has been tuned for a centre position on a 70mm*70mm ground-plane. It is manufactured and tested in a TS16949 first tier automotive approved facility. For further optimization to customer specific device environments where positioning is off centre or on different ground-plane sizes, custom tuned patch antennas can be supplied. 

- Wide-band Operation
- 18mm*18mm*4mm
- 3dBi Peak Gain (on 70mm*70mm
- ground-plane)
- Pin type
- Automotive TS16949 Production and Quality
- Approved
- RoHS compliant


The patent pending FXP612 embedded flexible antenna is a next generation GNSS antenna designed to cover working frequencies in the GPSL1/L2/L5/Glonass/BeiDou bands. This antenna features the highest efficiencies in the market, not just an incredible efficiency of 90% in GPS/Glonass/BeiDou L1 bands, but also 70% efficiency in the GPS L2 and L5 bands. The FXP612 is a linear polarized antenna, but with an omni-directional radiation pattern which makes it less sensitive to device orientation. The VSWR is also extremely low, below 1.6 at all bands, this of course contributes to it’s total radiation efficiency, but also means it is ideal for low power consumption applications.

This antenna is made of durable, flexible, polymer with a cable and connector for easy installation. It is designed to be mounted directly to the inner shell of a plastic housing or glass enclosure/cover. No space is needed on the PCBs of your device, but at least 20mm of minimum clearance is required from the ground-plane to achieve optimal antenna efficiency. At 76mm*47mm*0.15mm, the antenna is ultrathin and can be applied by a simple peel and stick process, attaching securely to non-metal surfaces via 3M adhesive. It has been tuned to work directly on ABS/PC plastic housings.

Typical Applications:
- Telematics
- Fleet Management
- Positioning

It is an ideal choice for any device maker that needs a solution that can work on L1 and L2 today, but also for years to come with the new L2 and L5 GPS civilian signal bands coming on stream in 2020 and beyond, and which would like to keep manufacturing costs down over the lifetime of a product. Cable type, length and connectors are customizable. For cable lengths over 200mm, it is recommended to use an active GPS patch antenna.

- GPS L1 :1563-1587 MHz
- GPS L2 :1215-1240 MHz
- GPS L5 :1164-1189 MHz
- GLONASS G1: 1593-1610 MHz
- BEIDOU:1559-1591 MHz
- Flexible Loop Antenna
- 3 dBi Peak Gain-90% Efficiency
- Peel and Stick
- Dims: 76mm*47mm*0.15mm
- Cable Length : 95mm
- IPEX MHFI Connector (U.FL compatible)
- Patent Pending
- RoHS compliant


The SGGP.25.2.A.02 is an embedded SMD ceramic GPS/GLONASS passive patch antenna with a low profile of 2mm thickness. It is designed for applications such as:
- navigation
- infotainment
- vehicle tracking/fleet management systems
- telematics devices
where a high performance solution is needed in a low profile form factor.

The antenna has been tuned to mount centrally a 50*50 mm ground plane, working at 1575.42MHz and 1602MHz, with a 3.34 dBi gain and 3.32 dBi gain, respectively. 70% efficiency is best in class. The ceramic patch is mounted via reflow process from a pick and place machine. The antenna itself is manufactured and tested in a TS16949 first tier automotive approved facility.

For further optimization to customer specific device environments where ground-plane size or mounting location is different, which can lead to detuning, a custom tuned patch antennas can be supplied, subject to NRE and MOQ. 

- 3.34 dBi Peak Gain for GPS Band
- 3.32 dBi Peak Gain for GLONASS Band
- 25mm*25mm*2mm dimension
- SMD direct mount ceramic patch antenna
- Automotive TS16949 Production and Quality
- Approved
- RoHS compliant


The AGGBP.25B is an internal GPS/Galileo/Glonass/BeiDou active patch antenna with Ø1.13 cable and IPEX MHFI connector. It is the ideal antenna for next generation GNSS devices to achieve good sensitivity across all bands in a small form factor.

The active patch antenna, by means of a double resonance design, has a wide-band operation over GPS/Galileo/Glonass/BeiDou systems from 1561MHz to 1606MHz. It includes a two-stage LNA and front-end SAW filter to reduce out of band noise, such as from nearby cullular transceivers. This antenna offers better protection from nearby radiated power surges and greatly reduces the probability of damaging your GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou receiver due to nearby transmissions.

The patch, the ground plane, the LNA, and front-end SAW components are all integrated in a dimension of 25.1 x 25.1 x 7.9 mm, connecting with a Ø1.13 60mm long coaxial cable and an IPEX MHFI connector. The AGGBP.25B is manufactured and tested in a TS16949 first tier automotive approved facility. The cable length and connector type can be adjusted for a MOQ. For further optimization to customer specific device environments, custom tuned patch antennas can be supplied, again to a MOQ.

- Full GPS-Galileo-Glonass-BeiDou Coverage
- 28dB two stage LNA
- Ceramic patch Element
- Front-end SAW filter to reduce out of band noise
- Wide input voltage 1.8V to 5.5V
- 25.1 x 25.1 x 7.9mm
- 60mm Ø1.13 IPEX MHFI (U.FL)
- Automotive TS16949 Production and Quality Approved
- Cable length and connector type customizable
- RoHS compliant

Titan AA.108

Our AA.108 Titan adhesive mount external antenna is ideal for robust, covert installations where durability and small size is paramount. It is ideal for telematics and M2M applications for commercial vehicle installations for fleet management etc.

Titan antennas are also widely used for consumer GPS devices when extra sensitivity is required, e.g. navigation devices and speed trap detectors. The AA.108 is first tier automotive approved IP67 antenna, this part AA.108.301F21 (with GT5 connector) is listed in the global automotive IMDS databases, it has gone through full PPAP design, reliability and
quality audits, including audits at the production facility.

- Adhesive Mount
- Covert stylish design
- Wide band input voltage
- IP-67 Waterproof
- 3M RG-174
- GT5(F) Grey Connector
- Cable and connector customizable
- RoHS Compliant


The compact TG.08 with hinged rotatable SMA connector, is an impressively high efficiency monopole antenna, which provides wide coverage among cellular and GNSS frequencies.
With its cellular and GNSS function, plus compact design, TG.08 can fit and function perfectly with routers, vehicle tracking devices, telematics devices, and remote monitoring systems. It is also ideal for use with cellular modules with Assisted GPS functionality that can be implemented in various devices. 
This 72mm long monopole antenna works efficiently from 700MHz to 2700MHz, widely covering 2G/3G/4G bands, as well as GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU. At its maximum efficiency when connected to ground plane, it can achieve 73% and 67% at GPS and LTE bands, respectively.

As all monopole antennas, TG.08 works best while connecting directly to the ground-plane of the device main-board, or with the device's metal enclosure.
The robust brass hinge enables TG.08 to be oriented in all directions, providing users to maximize performance with minimum effort.
TG.08, the small antenna with surprisingly large efficiency, is surely the best candidate in the market for Cellular/GNSS combination terminal antennas.

- High efficiency at 698 to 960MHz, 1561MHz, 1575.42MHz, 1602MHz, 1710 to 2700MHz.
- 360∘rotatable with durable brass hinge.
- Compatible with :
- 2G ( GSM / DCS / PCS )
- 4G (700LTE / 2700LTE )
- Standard with SMA(M) connector
- Low profile with 72 ± 1.5mm Length
- ROHS Compliant

Optimus MA220

The Optimus MA220 is a combination high performance GPS-GLONASS and 2G/3G/4G LTE (plus GSM /CDMA/PCS/ DCS/UMTS/GPRS/EDGE/HSPA) antenna to simplify Automotive Telematic and Fleet management systems worldwide. Its high quality low profile covert housing can be attached onto the glass or even out of sight under the dashboard. This combination of a high gain GPS/Glonass antenna and a LTE antenna is ideal for those applications that require durability, small size and covert installation, and reliable reception and transmission crossing through different mobile networks. 

The LTE cellular antenna function covers all main LTE and 2G/3G cellular bands worldwide. It has been designed to work equally well when mounted on glass or on plastic. It is not suitable for mounting on metal.

The GPS/Glonass function means increased accuracy and reliability of location. A front-end SAW protects the LNA from burnout by nearby out of band cellular transmissions and also significantly reduces any compression and consequent reduction of sensitivity. 
The standard version has 3 metres RG174 cable and SMA(M) connector on both GPS/ Glonass and LTE. For even higher gain and efficiency we recommend if you can to use shorter cable lengths, as shown in the charts below.

The cable lengths and connector types are completely customizable according to customer request, subject to a minimum order quantity.
The slim housing is fully IP67 waterproof. A separate automotive approved 3M adhesive pad is provided, allowing the antenna to be mounted correctly facing through glass, or directly onto a plastic surface like the dashboard of a vehicle.

- High LNA Gain up to 32 dB
- Antenna Gain 30 ± 2 dB
- Low Noise 1.5 dB max
- Advanced 4G LTE antenna with 2G/3G application bands included
- Ultrasonically Welded - Water Resistant IP 67
- UV Resistant
- Quality textured covert design. Low profile
- Comes with automotive approved high grade 3M double sided tape for quick and easy mounting
- Customizable cables and connectors

MagmaX AA.171

The AA.171 Magma Low Axial Ratio Magma magnetic mount external antenna is ideal for robust, covert installations where durability and small size is paramount. It is used in telematics and M2M applications, for example in commercial vehicle installations for fleet management.Standard cable and connector version is 3 meter RG174 and SMA(M). Cable length and connector type are customizable upon request.

Using a unique specialist feed structure this antenna delivers best in class axial ratio across all GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou bands. Low axial ratio improves accuracy of GNSS system location and leads to quicker lock times. A front-end SAW reduces out-band interference from any nearby wireless transmitters, helping prevent LNA compression and burnout. Manufactured in a dedicated TS16949 facility, PPAP and IMDS documentation are available on request. Low power consumption lengthens device battery life. Adhesive mount version is available on request.

- Magnetic Mount
- Dual-pin Patch
- Axial Ratio
- 3M RG-174
- SMA(M) Connector
- First Tier Automotive TS16949 Approved
- Cable and connector customizable
- Dimensions : 53mm*50mm*17mm
- RoHS Compliant


The A.41 Hercules, a high gain GPS-GLONASS-BeiDou antenna with IP67, UV resistant and robust housing, is the latest generation of Hercules GNSS antennas, capable of receiving signals from the next generation receivers for all the main operating global satellite navigation systems in operation today, helping delivering much improved location accuracy and quicker re-acquisition time over older systems and antennas.

Focusing on the heavy duty automotive, industrial and agricultural markets, A.41 provides a dust-tight, waterproof antenna by a one-piece CNC machined nickel-steel base plate and threads, enabling A.41 to be the ideal antenna in the urban canyons of cities in factory and field environment. It is often used such on city bus, agricultural and industrial vehicles and heavy equipment.

This high gain GPS-GLONASS-BeiDou antenna, utilizing a 2 stage LNA, uses a unique front end SAW filter topology which reduces the possibility of LNA compression and burn-out from other nearby radio transmitters. This front end SAW filter will smooth your device certification by reducing possibility of radiated spurious emission test failures.

Its durable UV resistant PC housing is resistant to vandalism and direct attack. At only 29mm high it complies with the latest EU directives for height restrictions, whilst also enabling covert operation with a diameter of 49mm.

- 2 stage high gain LNA ( 28dB )
- GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou fully supported
- IP67 & IP69K compliant housing with PC material
- Heavy duty screw mount
- 3M RG174 with SMA(M) connector
- Height 29mm Diameter 49mm
- Cable and connectors are customizable
- ROHS Compliant


This miniaturized ceramic GPS patch antenna is based on smart XtremeGain™ technology. It is mounted via pin and double-sided adhesive and has been tuned as optimal solution for the customer device environment.

- 25 mm * 25mm * 4mm
- Halogen free
- ROHS Compliant


The AGGP.35F GPS/Glonass GNSS active patch antenna (along with the AGGP.25 model) is the best choice to use as an embedded antenna with the latest generation of GPS-Glonass-GNSS receivers. It utliizes a 35*35*3.5mm advanced wide-band ceramic patch antenna with optimized gain, radiation patttern and axial ratio at GPS and Glonass centre frequencies.

The AGGP.35F aslo includes a two stage LNA and a front-end SAW filter to reduce out of band noise such as from nearby cellular transceiver, and improve probability of the wireless device passing radiated spurious emissions certification. Produced in TS16949 automotive quality approved facility and 100% tested for gain (S21), return loss (S11) to ensure total consistency of performance.
Cable type, length and connectors can be customized and samples offered according to requirement, subject to minimum order quantities in production. Taoglas also offers custom tuning service based on minimum order quantities, contact your local regional sales office for details.

The AGGP.35F consists of 2 functional blocks – the LNA and also the patch antenna.

- Industry leading GPS~GLONASS antenna performance
- 35*35*6.9mm (Ground Plane)
- 60mm Ø1.13 IPEX MHFI (U.FL)
- 28dB LNA
- Wide Input Voltage 1.8V to 5.5V
- Low Power Consumption
- ROHS Compliant