• The GL865-QUAD V3 is a quad band GSM|GPRS module based on the latest release of Intel's 2G cellular chipset, protecting our customers' design investments with longterm availability. This variant features VQFN packaging in lieu of LCC castellation of the original GL865 but maintains full pad-level compatibility with previous models, thereby providing a direct replacement path for applications based on the highly popular and widely deployed GL865-QUAD.

    The product is highly recommended for new designs requiring quad band GSM|GPRS coverage in a compact and robust QFN package delivering easy integration and reduced impact on final application costs. An embedded SIM-chip is also available as a mounting option.

    GL865-QUAD V3 Datasheet
  • The HE910 modules are small, lightweight, low power consumption and RoHS compliant devices which combines the access to digital communication services in GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA networks with Land-Grid Array (LGA) form factor.

    The LGA package provides ultra low profile in the integrated solution while at the same time enhancing the performance of mechanical resistance to shock and reducing cost in high-volume applications, saving space and weight in portable devices.

    HE910 Datasheet
  • The UL865 is a 3G module in the xL865 family. It is based on the latest Intel chipset to protect the developer's design investments as a long term availability solution. The UL865 features VQFN packaging that is fully pad-level compatible with its 2G companion, the GL865-DUAL V3.

    UL865 Datasheet
  • The LE910 introduces the next generation of Telit LTE modules. It is essentially two high-speed cellular modules in one. An LTE 3GPP Release 9 module delivering data rates of 100Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink and an HSPA+ module delivering up to 42Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps uplink rates.

    The LE910 automatically falls back to HSPA+ if it is unable to register onto an LTE network. It also includes Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology, an essential feature to meet demands for data rate and link reliability in modern wireless communication systems including LTE.

    LE910 Datasheet
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