Introducing Ultramec switch line

MEC Switches is launching a new PCB switch series called Ultramec. First one out of the pipeline is Ultramec 6C, a switch with high specifications wrapped up in a small package.

The new switch has smaller dimensions than the previous range of Multimec switches and significantly lower height of 2.5mm. Due to J-bend terminals it is excellent for handheld devices or applications with limited space and height. With IP67 sealing and long lifetime of 3 million cycles Ultramec 6C can be relied upon in demanding environments and the soft actuator guarantees that there is no rattling noise when application gets shaken. The simple design with crisp feel and sound makes the switch a good option also for under overlay solutions.

In addition, a new 11.0mm round concave keycap specifically designed for Ultramec 6C is available. Due to the floating cap, matching the front panel and PCB is easy. Furthermore, the floating cap concept makes the low profile switch excellent for custom caps.